Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I received this excellent rendering from Michael Netzer in my Inbox this morning and thought I'd share...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brilliant Disguise

Although I didn't get tagged, Joe the troll, Paula, and O'Tim seemed to have so much fun with this I thought I'd play, too! Also, I'm tagging JimmyB

The rules:
1. Put your music player on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the Next button to get your answer.
3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER WHAT (this is in capital letters, so it is very serious).
I'm afraid of Americans (David Bowie)
It's five o'clock somewhere (Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet)
Born to run (Bruce Springsteen)
Are you gonna go my way (Lenny Kravitz)
Surfer Girl (Beach Boys)
You can't hide your lyin' eyes (Eagles)
Miserlou (Dick Dale)
Reach out (Cheap Trick)
You gotta fight for your right (ta party) (Beastie Boys)
10. WHAT IS 2+2?
Let love rule (Lenny Kravitz)
Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
In my room (Beach Boys)
Veteran of the Psychick wars (Blue Oyster Cult)
It ain't over til it's over (Lenny Kravitz)
Take it easy (Eagles)
Sweet home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Little duece coup (Beach Boys)
I belong to you (Lenny Kravitz)
Hotel California (Eagles)
Where I come from (Alan Jackson)
One Bourbon, on Scotch, one Beer (George Thorogood)
Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New York

Well, it's been a while, but here are some picks from the Big Apple. I went there because an old friend from thirty years ago was going to be there from Israel. He is comics artist Michael Netzer.

This is a shot of Mike sketching Dr. Strange

Having visited with my old pal from back in the day, My son Derek and I then went about seeing some of the sights:

First on the list was Times Square

Here is a shot of the Hard Rock Cafe

The next day we went down to Battery Park and I got this shot of the Statue of Liberty

We then went past ground zero (yes, five years later and there is still a hole in the ground)

McSorley's Old ale house. This place has been here for 153 years. The first time I was in here was 27 years ago. Unfortunately, my son was not allowed in.

Then we stopped by the Empire State Building (no sign of King Kong)

Fire station on 31st Street near our hotel. The heroes of 9/11 relaxing after a call

Yes, all in all it was a great weekend. My son got to see one of my favorite places in the whole world, I got to see a friend that I have not seen since high school, and the best part is that the flight and hotel were paid for by using points accrued while traveling for work.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Just got back from the annual Field Service Meeting and took these photos. I also went to the Detroit Zoo and have some photos from there, but I have a special post that I am going to do for that, requiring scanning in some photos from long ago as well as new ones.

This is the view from my balcony at Beaver Run in Breckinridge. Wonderful rainbow after a light afternoon rain. This is a great town and I'd love to live here! I must say though, for a flatlander, 9500 ft above sea level took some getting used to. It's almost twice as high as Denver.
This is one of the ski resorts in Vail, from the road.
We took a Jeep tour up into the mountains in Vail, going up to 12,000 feet.

Looking back down the trail we drove up. We drove through some really hairy stuff, rocky streambeds, deep rivers, etc. That Jeep 4.0L straight six and rugged suspension took a real pounding and didn't flinch! Toledo born, rockies tested, Jimmy!

Base camp above the tree line, looking in the other direction...

" I reached out, and touched the face of God..."
This shot in at the beginning of the trail back down. Breathtaking panoramas.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New photos

It's been quite a while since my last post. Without going into a lot of detail, my life has taken " a thumpin" of late and I really have been a little off track. I'm not out of the woods yet, but it isn't all doom and gloom. I would really appreciate any of you who read this to put in a word with the guy upstairs to get me through the end of the year without anymore drama.

These are our dogs Bert and Chet. Chet is a new addition to the family. He's a little bit of a punk at times, but we've got him behaving himself for the most part.

This is my son, Derek. he "My Prince! My seed!" (he hates it when I say that, which is exactly why I tease him like that). He just came back from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, which is a music camp over in the Muskegon, MI area. He plays the trumpet.

This is the shell at Blue Lake, where the orchestra gave their final concert after a week of practicing.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Travels...

This is a picture of Cleveland, Ohio. I took this in April, sometime after the backyard pics. It's from the top of the seven story parking structure of the Cleveland Clinic, where I was doing some repairs that day. I like Cleveland. It's a nice place with friendly people. They really are lucky to have such a cutting edge healthcare facility there.

My wife Chris and I went to Nashville during the last weekend of April. Used up a bunch of flyer mile, hotel and rental car points, so we only had to pay for of food and drinks, and other incidentals. A perk that I love! She participated in the Country Music Marathon (running the half) with an online group that she belongs to called the "Penguin Brigade". They are basically a bunch of later life athletes who didn't get into running until they were older. Most of them are a little older than us, but are a great bunch of folks.

This is from inside Jack's Bar-B-Que in Nashville. Supposedly, this is the very best place in the city for Bar-B-Que. I must have ordered the wrong thing, because I was unimpressed. I have gotten to be quite picky, I suppose, since I've been on the health kick. This was taken from the second floor window. It is a cool sign, and a neat place.

This is a picture of the Hermatige, the estate of Andrew Jackson. Unfortuneatly, I was not allowed to take any photos inside. It had a fascinating wallpaper in the foyer that depicted the portion of the Odessey where Telemachus is searching for his father on the isle of Calipso.

This is the final resting place of Ol' Hickory and his wife, Rachel. On the two crypts the first simply says:


Born March 15th 1767

Died June 8th 1845

On Rachel's, it says :




who died 22nd Decr 1828- Aged 61

Her face was fair, her person pleas-ing; her temper amiable, and her heart kind; she delighted in reliev-ing the wants of her fellow creature and cultivated that divine pleas-ure by the most liberal and unpretending methods; to the benefactor; to the rich an ex-ample;to the wretched a comforter, to the prosperuos an ornament, her piety went hand in hand with her benevolence, and she thanked her creator for being permitted to do good. A being so gentle, and yet so virtuous, slander might wound but could not dishonour; Even death, when he tore her form the armes of her husband, could but transport her to the bosom of her God."

This is a full scale replica of the Parthenon of Athens, and my favorite thing about Nashville, being the Greek history buff that I am. I was crushed to find out that they were closed on Sunday. I was dying to get a good picture of the statue of Pallas Athene, which I saw on my last trip here 4 years ago. At least my wife got to see the outside "sigh".

This is the detail of the Friese above the entrance. You can clearly identify Zeus, Nike, Athena, Hermes, and Hera, off to the right. This really is a spectacular building. I can't believe that they once considered tearing it down!

Nashville from the airplane window. You can see the Cumberland river to the left.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Backyard pics

I'm putting up a few more pics at the request of Shyue Chou. Tomorrow I'm flying down to Nashville. Next week, It's back to Myrtle Beach, and Lumberton, NC. The following week I'm off to Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN. Monday I flew into and out of Chicago in the same day. I'm really at it lately! Look for some pics from there, too!
This is the little pontoon boat ! It's 17ft long and has a 14 x 8 foot deck. It's like taking your patio out into the middle of the lake. A great fishing, cigar smoking platform. I'm toying with the idea of getting a Bar-B-Q for it.
This shot is looking across the river at the houses on the other side. That ol' beat up rowboat is fun to take up river northward where the pontoon can't go because you have to go under the bridge of a road. Those cat-tails broke free and I'll get them out of there before they take root.
View looking up from the dock. I made that walkway out of broken concrete that I got for free from somebody who was replacing thier driveway. See! I recycle!
That's my "Thinking rock"...

I think that picnic table is going into the bonfire this year...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Spring is here early in Detroit. The Redwinged blackbirds are back with their gentle calls, and the songbirds as well. It is quite peaceful here and a great place to recharge after yet another long road trip. Soon, it will be time to put the boat in and get out the windsurfing equipment. Here are some pics from my back yard.

This is the Forsythia by the Back door. It needs a little pruning. That pine tree behind it has died and will need to be cut down. Very sad. The songbirds loved it.

First Croucuses of spring. They don't last long, so you have to see them the first day or two.

Canadaian Geese in the river behind my yard.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

On the road again! A week in Denver for some major TRAINING with my co-workers. We learned the ins and outs of a new database that logs events during bypass cases. Kind of similar to other things that I have worked on in the past while working with databases used in ID badge production. Anyway, had a couple of neat pics to share:

This is from the Worldclub of NWA at Detroit Metro Airport. I love having a membership here. You have a quiet place to wait for your flight, complementary drinks (Coffee is my personal fave in the morning), WI-FI, telephones, the Wall Street Journal, and Hour magazine. It is very civilized.

The Rockies are impressive. Truly breathtaking, especially for a flatlander like me.

No this is not a prank by the University of Michigan! This is the Colo. school of Mines, located in Golden, CO. Right down the street from Coors Brewery. I must say that their beer is much better when drunk near the source.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

20th Century Danny Boy: Captain America, R.I.P? I Don't Think So...#links

20th Century Danny Boy: Captain America, R.I.P? I Don't Think So...#links

This Link is to an Australian acquaintance of mine. He has a fine post regarding how this is like the third time that Marvel Comics has killed off Captain America. The other interesting tidbit for you non-comics types is that Frank Castle (AKA the Punisher) will be putting on the red white and blue spandex.

This rubs me the wrong way as the Punisher is a vigilanti who uses guns to kill criminals, mainly Mafia types and drug dealers. He seldom runs across a super villain ala Doctor Doom or the Red Skull (my personal nemesis).

Don't get me wrong. I like the Punisher. He's a great character. I'm just not seeing how a man motivated by the death of his wife and children at the hands of the Mafia to kill criminals in his own personal "war" where he is judge, jury, and executioner will find the moral compass to set aside his old ways and play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. Do we really want Captain America, the living symbol of liberty to pack heat? I guess the new morality has left me in the dust as there are certain things that just aren't allowed in my universe, and Cap killing bad guys with guns isn't what he is about.

So let's put it to a vote: Should the living legend of WWII be replaced by a gun toting vigilanti? Should we send him over to Iraq to wax some Hajiis? I say HELL NO!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So they think they can kill me off?

What a joke. Kill Captain America. That's like saying the Sun will go out forever. They ain't thru with me yet! Not by a damn sight! It's going to take more than a bunch of pencilnecks at Marvel to finish me off! Anyway, here is a funny cartoon from the Detroit Free Press which sums up my take:

Friday, March 02, 2007

A little levity

This is from Brad, a collegue of mine who handles the Texas area.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Who is that guy?

Well, I went to Russell's funeral and reconnected with a couple of people that I haven't seen for 30 years. It was cathartic in many ways. In fact, I immediately called up my old friend Ralph and had lunch with him. It's weird, but I sort of felt a sense of urgency, like if I didn't call him right away I might not see him in time before he died. I just got this pic back from our company shindig in Tucson, and thought I'd put it up and remove the mystery of what Tim really looks like. I have a beard (really, it's fake! it helps me maintain my secret identity when I am not saving the world as Captain America).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Goodbye Russell

My best friend from childhood, Russell Saunders, died on Valentine's day. He was 47. I will be going to the funeral on Monday.
I have not seen Russell since I was 17 years old. I moved away from the old 'hood at age 15, and we just sort of lost track. His older sister, Becky, called me to tell the sad news Thursday. Arortic aneurysm bursting is the doctor's verdict. This is something that I know something about, being in heart surgery and all. He didn't have a chance. When that happens, you bleed to death internally in mere minutes.
When we were little, Russell and I were closer than brothers. We did everything together, Becky was like my big sister, about four years older. We played army (He was always Sgt. Saunders from the "Combat!" show, even though I was the blond one back then, I was Lt. Hanley). We swam everyday all summer long in my swimming pool, our families had Bar-B-Ques together, we rode mini-bikes in the miles and miles of trails behind our house. It was a wonderful childhood.
Even though we grew apart, and it's probably been almost thiry years since we last spoke, I am awfully sad. Russell, if you can somehow read these words I want you to know that having you in my life, and the joy of being boys together is one of the finest memories in my life. Goodbye, my brother.

This photo is from September 1969. I was 8, Russell was 10

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

2006 was a great year for me personally, but I am looking forward to 2007 because I think it may be the best year yet of my career.

In 2006, I lost 40 pounds and got back into shape and feel great (barring a few aches and pains of middle age). I am regularly going to the gym and running outside (but not in the rain or snow anymore, I'm too old for that!) . I wanted to take up skiing this year, but there is no snow to do it in! There is no global warming, right? I have lived in Detroit for my whole life (except when was in the Coast Guard) and the last few years seem to get warmer every year. I live two miles from a ski hill and it is so warm (50 degrees today) that even the snow making equipment can't help.

I also did more traveling than the last couple of years, and hope that will be slightly curtailed this year. I'm excited about getting out in the world, but separation from the family is starting to take its toll a little as my daughter will be off to college in a year and a half and I will miss having her around the house, and I know her younger brother will really miss her (even though they fight like cats and dogs at times). So I'd like to spend as much time together now before she leaves the nest. She is a big brain, scoring 32 out of a possible 36 on the college ACT test.

My son is doing wonderful in school and is in the band. He plays trumpet and is really good at it. He also made the honor roll.

I'm going back to AZ in a month, and even though it's business, it's our company sales/service annual meeting, so that means four days of very light meetings and lots of booze and gourmet food (have to watch my girlish figure there) at a luxury resort, along with a lot of fun in the sun by the pool.

My wife Chris has also gotten on a fitness kick and has lost 20 pounds, and just completed a half marathon in Charleston, SC. She will be doing another at the end of April in Nashville with me accompanying her. Should be a great time with some good music. I will probably not participate as I have been having a problem with my left heel, and I think 4 miles every other day is about as hard as I should push it, but I'm going to see if the podiatrist can help me out with that.

Since skiing was a bust, I'm going to set up a trip to a windsurfing school in Florida and really learn to take it to the next level. Waterstarting, harness technique and acrobatics. The beauty of windsurfing over something like snowboarding is that when you fall, you land in the water and not on the hard cold ground, thus saving a bruising (these old bones!).

I'm sure there are lots of other adventures in store for me this year that I have yet to imagine.

Hopefully, my state will weather the storm of the decline in the automotive industry and make a comeback, but already the pundits are saying that this year will be as bad as 2006, with no recovery until 2008. Let's hope that they are wrong and that Governor Grandholm and the other politicians in Lansing can work together better and sort out the mess up there. Republicans likes to dump on her, but they have no new ideas. Just cut taxes, which is fine until your kids lose a quality education, the police don't come when there is a crime, and your garbage isn't collected. Then you hire private companies to do what government used to. You pay them to do it, thereby paying out your tax savings anyway. Oh well, I'll get off my soapbox. Although I am interested in politics I like to keep it out of this blog. Just not what I want this space to be about, as there are plenty of other places on the net to argue.

Only one thing has me a little bit down (though only a little).

It seems that although everything is pretty good for Tim, I'm starting to feel my age catch up to me. I think it's because of my daughter more than anything. When she goes next year, I feel like our family will come to an end. I know she will still be a part of it, but she won't be here. 15 years ago, when I was 30, I think I was happier. My young family seemed to have a brighter future even though we had less money and "things". Now, I feel like my life has peaked, which means that things must start to go down from here. Those of you who are older, help me out here. What did you do when your kids moved away? How did you find your way into middle age ?

The thing is, I don't really feel like I'm middle aged. I feel just like I always have. Sure, I can't run a 7 minute mile anymore, but mostly I look and feel just like I always have. I really don't even have many wrinkles and still have my hair, which is not turning gray (except a few in my beard). So how do I come to grips with this? Am I silly to even be thinking about it? What say you, my people?:)