Monday, February 26, 2007

Who is that guy?

Well, I went to Russell's funeral and reconnected with a couple of people that I haven't seen for 30 years. It was cathartic in many ways. In fact, I immediately called up my old friend Ralph and had lunch with him. It's weird, but I sort of felt a sense of urgency, like if I didn't call him right away I might not see him in time before he died. I just got this pic back from our company shindig in Tucson, and thought I'd put it up and remove the mystery of what Tim really looks like. I have a beard (really, it's fake! it helps me maintain my secret identity when I am not saving the world as Captain America).


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Really sorry about your friend Tim.
That's way too young.

BTW, I'll keep your identity hush-hush. ;)

Joe the Troll said...

I always wondered how Green Arrow kept his secret identity with that damn huge goatee.........

O' Tim said...

Re: goatee - I have the same problem, Tim.

And what's the deal with unblogrolling ME? ;)

Nice jacket.

Tim said...

Jimmy-Thank's pal!

Joe- I am a bow hunter, so maybe I should hang up the shield and get me a Robin Hood hat!

O'Tim- I switched to new blogger and that's how I lost you. You are now in there again!

"Nice Jacket"- That old thing ? Found it on the floor of a subway toilet!

O' Tim said...

Thanks, Tim. Not to get all silly about it, but I figure quid pro quo is only fair. You got in front of the broom during a recent house cleaning, I guess because I hadn't seen or heard from you in a while. So you're back up, bro.

Re: jacket - Mr. Lee musta used up all his Calgon on that one!

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