Saturday, July 28, 2007

New photos

It's been quite a while since my last post. Without going into a lot of detail, my life has taken " a thumpin" of late and I really have been a little off track. I'm not out of the woods yet, but it isn't all doom and gloom. I would really appreciate any of you who read this to put in a word with the guy upstairs to get me through the end of the year without anymore drama.

These are our dogs Bert and Chet. Chet is a new addition to the family. He's a little bit of a punk at times, but we've got him behaving himself for the most part.

This is my son, Derek. he "My Prince! My seed!" (he hates it when I say that, which is exactly why I tease him like that). He just came back from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, which is a music camp over in the Muskegon, MI area. He plays the trumpet.

This is the shell at Blue Lake, where the orchestra gave their final concert after a week of practicing.


Miz UV said...

Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the thumpin' and hope all is peaceful ASAP.

Stew Magoo said...

Hong Fu said to say hi.

Hope life is fine again soon. Now I'm gonna have me a cupcake.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Awwwright! New post!

Okay, first things first, I got my friend to take advantage of an impending property bubble then. We selected a property which was freehold (you can hold it perpetually). Then, he took a 30-year bank loan. He also took advantage of a government 'social security' type scheme and took money out of his 'pension'. CPF.

The conditions were entirely local.

Two plus years later, his well-chosen property went by by about $400,000. And that is excluding the monthly rental of $3000 which he collected from his tenant. That went somewhat to servicing his loan.

It's not unlike the real estate bubble in the USA and London.

Joe the Troll said...

Good to have you back, Tim! I called the guy upstairs on your behalf. I got voice mail.

Anonymous said...

howdy! i was just blog browsing today and happened upon yours. and i like it! i will come back to visit.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

You have my prayers, Tim.
Hope all is well soon.

Tell the "seed" I said howdy. ;)

O' Tim said...

Cool pics, Tim. I had locks like your son way back when, and he looks about as excited to be photographed as me at that age. Give your good doggies a pat for me, and keep the shiny side up!