Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Atlanta Aquarium

I was just down in Atlanta for a company function and along with being able to have dinner and a few drinks with my old friend, artist Greg Theakston who just moved down there from the Big Apple. That was really fun, waxing nostalgic about being comics fans in the 70's and discussing the people and events of the time as well as just catching up with each other since the last time we saw each other over thrity years ago. He even gave me a painting that he owed me for some printing work that my parents did for him long ago. Greg did a lot of paperback book covers and had quite a run doing TV Guide covers in the 80's (Brian Kieth said he had the only artist that he wanted to paint him and he did 3 "Hardcastle and McCormick" covers). He is also well
known for being an expert on the life of stripper Bettie Page , and years ago published a magazine called "The Bettie Pages" which re-introduced Bettie to a whole new generation of fans. He actually was a consultant on the film "The notorious Bettie Page" . We promised each other that we wouldn't wait another thirty years before having dinner together again.
This is the book cover of the painting that Greg gave me. It was done in 1978. The painting is square shaped an does not have any lettering. It's a mixed media oil (the portraits) and acrylic (the spaceship and robot). I think I'm going to try to find an old copy of the book to display with it.

The second highlight of my trip was a dinner sponsered by my company at the Atlanta Aquarium. It was really nice. They hired the entire Aquarium after closing time and served cocktails and gave us a guided tour with volunteers explaining all of the exhibits before we retired to the lavish dining area facing the 6 million gallon tank containing two whale sharks that were both well over 25 feet long. To say that they were magnificent would be an understatement. Here we are, sipping drinks while these huge fish several times larger than us are gently gliding by us on the other side of the glass! It was amazing.

This is an Australian Sea Dragon. Much like a seahorse, but very wraithlike.

I don't recall the name of this frog, only that it it's poison is very lethal.

You could actually pet the rays and hammerheads! (no thanks!)

This ray has a wingspan of 10-12 feet.

This whale shark's tail is at least 5-6 feet high and there it is, right in front of me.

Truly an amazing creature!

Schuss Mountain, Bellaire, MI

I did a trip for work up to Traverse City last month and took the weekend and skied Schuss Mountain. Let me tell you that Michigan skiing is nothing like Vermont or out west, but the snow is plentiful, the lift lines are non existant, lift tickets are a steal, and there is a good time to be had by all!
The lodge is done nicely in Bavarian style much like what you would see in Frankenmuth, MI.
A shot from the bottom of the Yellow Lift. The run to the right is called "Sarijavo". It's steep and tight. a go fast run. I was skiing from the left, building up speed and shooting sideways over to Sarijavo, popping some air and turning a hard right down the run. Lot's of fun!
This is the vista from the top. Very scenic and a wonderful bright shiny day. The best kind of ski day!
This is "Pink Schussycat" a fast run.
This run is "Suprize" which is that it starts out a little steep but once you round this corner you catch some air and go staright down. A favorite run for me.

Some friendly faces at the Red Lift.

Misc Christmas '09 Pics

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