Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

On the road again! A week in Denver for some major TRAINING with my co-workers. We learned the ins and outs of a new database that logs events during bypass cases. Kind of similar to other things that I have worked on in the past while working with databases used in ID badge production. Anyway, had a couple of neat pics to share:

This is from the Worldclub of NWA at Detroit Metro Airport. I love having a membership here. You have a quiet place to wait for your flight, complementary drinks (Coffee is my personal fave in the morning), WI-FI, telephones, the Wall Street Journal, and Hour magazine. It is very civilized.

The Rockies are impressive. Truly breathtaking, especially for a flatlander like me.

No this is not a prank by the University of Michigan! This is the Colo. school of Mines, located in Golden, CO. Right down the street from Coors Brewery. I must say that their beer is much better when drunk near the source.


MachinistScott said...

The Rockies ROCK!!

Safe travels Cap'n.

MachinistScott said...

Oh, and congrats on the state of your abdominal region. You unabashed braggart.

I'd like to convert my pony keg into a couple of fotys myself.

Monica said...

I have great friends and family in the Denver area.

Stopped in to say thanks...your comments on that one guy's blog. I have to agree with you. We'll impeach a man in office for adultery so why not impeach one for killing our kids?

Tim said...

MS-It ain't braggin' if it's true baby! To lose your gut you have to move the heavy iron and make that whey protien shake your new best friend. Cardio is important, but 7 pounds of muscle means you need 300 calories more a day to stay the same wgt., so your bod starts eating up that fat. I try to lift at least 3 times a week and do a lot of cardio, too. If you build it, they will come...

Monica-thanks for stopping by. I don't know why I bother to leave comments at some of those blogs. It's usually when I am out of town and don't feel like going out and need something to do while passing the time. You will note that my blog is a politics free zone, which keeps weenies like them from coming here as I will instantly delete any comment that I deem to be an arguement baiter. There is enough negativity in the blogoshere without it coming from me. I looked at your blog, I hope your son is spared from going to war after he enlists in the Marines. He is very young and everything is still black and white to him. We who are older know that the more questions that are answered, the more new questions come to mind. I noticed that most of the gung ho types are in their 40's or older and don't have to worry about going over there. Old men start wars that young men die in. Thus it has always been, and thus it will always be...

MachinistScott said...

OK, Cap'n. I now consider the gauntlet thrown down.
I start riding the bike to work tommorow and dusting off the iron.
I have certianly been on the slide for some time. I have been to the Doc more times in the last month then the previous ten years. First my back laid me out for 4 days. Dr office weigh in 218 lbs. Then last week I had the flu w/nasty fever that dovetailed nicely into some new alergy.
Iv'e never been alergic to squat. As a lawn/landscape guy when I was a kid I never had a problem.

Any way, maybe your 4 1/2 pack will inspire me to lose the party ball. I wan't to be a braggart too, damn it.

Tim said...

I topped out at 215. I am now 175 and bottomed out at about 172, but at that wgt I had skinny high school boy arms and just could not sustain it by starving myself. When I was younger I was a cardio only guy, but to kick up the metabolism wgt lifting is a must. my waist is getting smaller and arms are getting bigger. Big viens popping out! Help me out here, Hong FU!

Mark said...
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Mark said...
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Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Tim, more pictures of the Rockies please.


Denver, Detroit, those are names of places so far away. Just magical in a way. It's hard to envision it here in sunny, tropical Singapore.

Tim said...

Sorry Shyue Chow, but that was the only decent shot I got of them. They are over 100 Miles away from where I took that photo. I'll take some more next time I am out there though, which is usually at least once a year.

Sunny, tropical Singapore... I'd like to visit there, too! I almost went to Viet Nam for work, but it fell thru at the last minute.

Detroit really is a great place. Clean fresh water lakes everywhere, endless woods, beaches, great sports teams (except the Lions, ugh!). It gets a bad wrap. I wouldn't live here if I didn't like it, because I could live in a lot of other places and still keep my job.