Saturday, October 04, 2008

FDR Memorial

I liked this tribute to FDR very much. It is laid out so the you walk through it much as you would go through a museum exhibit laid out over several rooms. It is very understated, yet thought provoking at the same time. Each section highlights a different stage in the history of his presidency.
FDR in the waning days. Again, political correctness strikes. This statue is based on a photograph where FDR has a cigarette (in the classic style black holder) that was one of his characteristics. I don't like the way that history has been "airbrushed" to more fit our modern ideas of what's correct and acceptable.
This should serve as an admonishment to the golden parachute boys running Wall St. and wrecking our economy.

Will a figure emerge to set things right again?
Eleanor is honored with a life sized statue of her own. Truly she was one of our greatest first ladies.

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O' Tim said...

I remember the heated debate about whether or not to portray him in his wheelchair. I think the "nos" prevailed because it was historically accurate as far as him concealing it, but I recall the disabled community being a bit miffed.

As with the Korea memorial, I don't favor the bland look of the cape, though I would very much like to see the whole thing - I have a great admiration for the man and his wife.