Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bramble, former Coast Guard cutter, for sale for $300,000

I served aboard this ship in 1982. Certainly not as nice of a ship as the icebreaker Mackinaw, but I made some friends during my time there. Another part of my past slips away. Sigh. The article has one mistake: the Bramble is 180' long, not 185'.


BB-Idaho said...

Who would purchase an old
USCG cutter? Not exactly
yacht type material, but maybe a commercial fishing vessel? Curious about the
name 'Bramble': was there
a common theme for naming cutters?

Tim said...

BB- This particular class of vessel was named after trees. Sister ships included the Mariposa, Hollyhock, Acacia, Sundew, Blackthorn (which sank in a collison with a large tanker),Mesquite, and many others

This link provides some interesting back ground on the subject.

Coach harrison said...

Those pictures are so beautiful, But God it looks so cold!

babsy (Barbara) said...

I just wanted to let you know I stopped by to see what your blog was all about.. and I loved it.. I have not seen but a few places.. But, I'm so jealous.. of your travels.. in a good way.. because then we can stop by and check out where else you have visited..

is where I landed after Multiply decided to end its time with all of us. I'm kinda figuring this all out. And having a good time seeing what everyone else has done to their site..