Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Solitude, Utah

I spent four days skiing in Utah this month and am happy to report that everywhere I skied was excellent. First, I skied Solitude. Located in Big Cottonwood canyon, this is a very nice family resort with a family vibe. Unfortunately, a couple of the lifts were down due to a power failure, but there were still many runs to chose from. Although it was a nice place with great skiing, I don't think I will go back. Don't get me wrong, but the scenery, although very pretty, was not as spectacular as the other places that I visited. I don't want to unfairly bash the place, it had good skiing, but if you are going all the way to Utah there are better places.

Impressive marker at the entrance to the resort

This is the view of the lodge from the mountain side

Solitude trail map

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