Friday, December 24, 2010

Whiteface, Lk. Placid, NY

So here it is, ski season 2010-2011. I had some work to do in New York and in between I got some skiing in. First I skied at Bristol Mountain, south of Rochester, and then pressed on northeast to the #1 ski destination in the eastern US, Whiteface. Let me first start out by telling you that this place is not for beginners. It's a tough, challenging mountain. Grooming is basically nonexistent  and it lives up to it's nickname "Iceface", as there is a lot of ice on the runs from the freeze/thaw cycle. It is also windy and very cold. But to those of us who are good skiers in decent condition, it puts our skills to the test in an invigorating, exciting way. The nearby town of Lake Placid is a true mountain ski town nestled along the shore of Mirror Lake (which I thought was a little odd, because Lake Placid is a couple of miles away from the town). I only had a day to spend there, But there is lots to see and do and if I ever get up that way again I'd like to spend at least a week   touring all of the Olympic attractions like the ski jumping complex, the bobsled and skeleton run over activities. On the way up, I drove the back way through the 6 million acre Adirondack Park, past beautiful mountains, lakes, and trout streams, all encased in arctic like cold. Driving was treacherous as it was snowing in sheets earlier in the day and was still coming down (though not quite as hard) as I made my way north. On the way back I drove down I-87 near the Vermont border and past Lake Champlain and Fort Ticonderoga. All in all I put 1600 miles on the Ford.   

This is a river near the base of Whiteface. The scenic beauty of the place is astounding
The main street of Lake Placid on the night I arrived. Man it was coming down that night!
The Dancing Bear has $2 draft beers during happy hour, so you probably guessed where I was.

The Northwoods Hotel.
Whiteface mountain.
This is the top of the Cloudsplitter gondola, which takes you up 2,400 vertical feet in less than 15 minutes. There are three peaks to Whiteface. Little Whiteface peak (here) Whiteface summit (pictured) and Lookout mountain.  
This is a blue run called Excelsior. Takes almost a half hour to get to the bottom.

Lookut mountain

Lake Placid and Mirror Lake 10 miles away.
1600 miles of winter dirt!

All in all a most awesome adventure.


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome group of pictures. You must have had a blast!

~Pierce~ said...

These pictures look amazing!

Tim said...

Thanks Pierce! I will be posting soon about a new skiing adventure in Vermont that I am going on next week! Look for some more great skiing moments in pictures.