Monday, March 08, 2010

Shanty Creek/Schuss Mountain and Frankenmuth, MI

The weather is turning warm and soon skiing will be through until after Thanksgiving. This is "Ski Mardi Gras" time in Northern Michigan. People dress up in crazy costumes, consume mass quantities of beer and try to ski across a 40 feet (best guess) rectangular pool of green water. Bright and sunny, nearly 50 degrees, and with snow soft and slushy, Derek and I headed north to get in one last trip before it's all over in Michigan and to test out our skis and polish up our technique before a planned trip to Utah on Easter Break (spring break for those of you who prefer to be politically correct).

Luigi and Mario of "Super Mario Bros." skiied across the water without wiping out. Not one drop of water! most others were not so fortunate...

The party animals in the lift behind us were having a great time! Note the case of beer on the lap of L'il Abner. Just police up your empty cans guys.
Spectators for the Submarine Races. Derek and I mostly watched from the lift. Better vantage point.
I think the Ol' Man wore him out!

On the way home we made a quick detour to Frankenmuth, a German themed town near Bay City.
This is the "Silent Night Church", an exact replica of the one near Salsburg, Austria, where "Stille Nacht, Hieliga Nacht" was first performed. One of the conditions for getting permission from the original was that this never be used for an actual service. As you walk up to it you are greeted with the hymn gently wafting through the air...
As you leave, you walk away very moved and in a peaceful state.
This is the covered bridge (Zwiebrucken) on the grounds of the Bavarian Inn. It spans the Cass River.
This is the Bavarian Inn. They are world famous the their German Cuisine and the famous "Frankenmuth Chicken" dinners. I must say that they are excellent! The Glockenspiel in the bell tower has dozens of bells and plays the "Pied Piper of Hamilen". It is quite impressive.
This is Zehnder's. They have equally good chicken dinners and are friendly rivals with the Bavarian Inn across the street.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

First things' first: how come your comments can't expand? You can change that in the dashboard.

Second, so okay, do you WATER ski across roughly 50', is that the deal? And how the hell can you do that? Who pulls? I must be missing something here.


Tim said...

Okay, I expanded my comments page. I guess I never really care one way or the other if it was a full page but if you like it better that way I'll be happy to do it.

Second. What they do is come screaming down the hill in full tuck Bode Miller style and the momentum and speed they have going into the 50 foot long pond keeps them planing across the water as if water skiing on snow skis. If you go into the pond too slow you get about half way across and either just sink (preferred) or fall backwards and get totally soaked! It's great fun all around with a crowd of spectators screaming and cheering you on. Check out your local ski resort and go over there and have a beer and just watch. It's free and a great way to have some fun on a Saturday. Check their websites and you might have the exact same thing happening in your area next weekend. Most of the resorts do it.

Tim said...

Thinking about it, I need a new pair of boots, so maybe next year I'll wear my old boots, buy a Captain America costume and give it a go. I'll have Derek video it! I'll get a shield, too!

dmarks said...

Great pics. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've not been to that church, but should go soon. All I've done was eat chicken in Frankenmuth.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Tim, I love your covered bridges. Do you have more photos of those?

These sets that you have taken are great. The sunshine and all.

Tim said...

Sorry CSC, Just snapped that one. I have a bunch more of the church, though.
I'm heading to Utah on the 5th, so look for the final skiing post of the year coming soon.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Tim, you live in a beautiful place. Well, I do wish you post more photos of your trips and of course your hometown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff