Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Schuss Mountain, Bellaire, MI

I did a trip for work up to Traverse City last month and took the weekend and skied Schuss Mountain. Let me tell you that Michigan skiing is nothing like Vermont or out west, but the snow is plentiful, the lift lines are non existant, lift tickets are a steal, and there is a good time to be had by all!
The lodge is done nicely in Bavarian style much like what you would see in Frankenmuth, MI.
A shot from the bottom of the Yellow Lift. The run to the right is called "Sarijavo". It's steep and tight. a go fast run. I was skiing from the left, building up speed and shooting sideways over to Sarijavo, popping some air and turning a hard right down the run. Lot's of fun!
This is the vista from the top. Very scenic and a wonderful bright shiny day. The best kind of ski day!
This is "Pink Schussycat" a fast run.
This run is "Suprize" which is that it starts out a little steep but once you round this corner you catch some air and go staright down. A favorite run for me.

Some friendly faces at the Red Lift.

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