Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's always sunny above the clouds :)

The last two weeks have been a blur! On the 15th I found myself flying to Wilmington, NC for an emergency service call on a Heater/Cooler via ATL (Hotlanta!).

The pesky Heater/Cooler

70 degrees when I got there. Fixed it and spent the night there, eating the Captain's platter at Hieronymus Seafood (a must stop meal whenever I'm in town there!)

Nothin' fancy, just great food and lots of it. Plus Johnny the bartender is a helluva nice guy!

Flew to Minneapolis on Wednesday (again via ATL). Thursday and Friday were spent installing equipment at a couple of local hospitals, one being directly across the street from where the Vikings play.
Friday evening I flew back to Michigan.

Sunset above the clouds is always inspiring
Saturday was spent driving to Crystal Mountain with my favorite skiing buddy Derek.

The view from above the Buck chairlift at Crystal. Very Christmassy with the lights and snow.

We skied there Saturday and Sunday, leaving Monday morning for yet another service call in Petoskey, MI.

Little Traverse bay.

Worked until about 9:30 Tuesday night while Derek swam at the pool and worked out in the hotel gym. After we checked out Wednesday morning, it was off to Nub's Nob! For four hours of skiing on pristine packed powder in the bright sunshine along the shore of "Michigami" (Ojibwa for the Great Water)

 Behind us, the bay.


Twenty Fourth Christmas
Derek, Chris, Tim, and Meredith


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey, really beautiful photos, Tim!


Tim said...

Thanks BZ. My life has it's ups and downs, but I'm lovin it!