Saturday, May 30, 2009

A wedding!

Last Sunday Chris and I attended the wedding of my good friend, Lamont, and his Bride, Mary Beth. It was a beautiful occasion in a beautiful setting, the Nativity of our Lord Church on McClellan St. in Detroit. Lamont and I worked together briefly for Siemens at the Detroit Wayne County Airport and have remained friends for several years. I recently met Mary Beth this winter at their engagement party, and Lamont, you certainly found a keeper!
Although some took pictures during the actual ceremony, I waited to take this picture of the Sanctuary. There is a magnificent stained glass circular window at the opposite end of the room, but darn it, the picture was out of focus!
The wedding party after the nuptials were completed. The Good Lord blessed them with a sunny day. A good omen for a long and happy life together!
The bagpiper led the Bridal procession and played again as the wedding party emerged from the church.
Cutting the wedding cake!

Don't they look so happy and in love?

Man, those shoes are deadly! I want a pair!
It has been a while since I attended a wedding and the occasion helped to remind me how blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful woman these last 22 years. I hope Lamont and Mary Beth will find the happiness that I have had for all of these years.

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