Monday, February 18, 2008

Bush Imitator

This from my wife Chris. This kid really does deserve an Oscar! Bush is without a doubt the funniest (while trying not to be) person in the country.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Key Largo, Florida

Well it's time for another post! I was down in the Keys for our East Coast Field Service meeting and enjoyed it very much. Here are the pics with commentary:

Here we find our hero kickin' it under a palm tree after lunch on the hotel beach. We stayed at a Marriott resort down there that was really nice.

These are my collegues Shanna, Mike, and Wayne. Wayne is the photghaphy king of our band. He regularly goes to zillions of rock concerts and has an excellent webite, , where you can see his excellent concert photos. I'm telling you now, Wayne: I'm not taking over your territory when you finally go pro!

A couple of sailboats moored offshore from the hotel.

Outside magazine says that Key Largo has the USA's best sunsets. I would tend to agree.

The day before returning home, we took two boats out to the reef to snorkel, with me as captain of the second boat. Unfortunately, we had six to eight foot seas and 20 knot winds, which negated our ability to tie up to the mooring buoys much less go snorkeling. Our location was the John Pennekamp State Park, and Underwater preserve of breathtaking beauty.

Here are the guys in the first boat. Wayne is the one in the red trunks.

Yes, overall a great trip to a great place that I am definately planning on returning to. I'm planning to learn to scuba dive in the meantime and take another crack at that reef.