Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wilmington, NC

Back down I go to Myrtle Beach and Wilmington. Driving my white Mustang along the Intercoastal highway to fix a piece of medical equipment. Here are a few pics I took in Wilmington:

This is the bow of the WWII battleship "North Carolina" which cost 78 million 1937 dollars to build...

Panning down the side of this juggernaut, one is blown away by the sheer mass and size, well over 600 ft long and I'm guessing 7 stories abouve the waterline...
This is a detail shot of the forward 16" gun battery. Yes, I said, SIXTEEN INCHES.

This is the USCGC Diligence (WMEC-616). This is an ocean going, medium endurance cutter that has been in service since 1964. I once had a friend who served on her sister ship the Steadfast. This class of cutter is 210 ft. long and have a beam of 35 feet. She is based in Wilmington and is moored along the bank of the Cape Fear river across the way from the battleship. "Semper Paratus!"


shoprat said...

That is firepower.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

This is jaw-dropping! WOW!

More photos of that please!

benning said...

Here's a question I've never asked, but always wondered: Is the 16" size of those guns the width of the barrel at the end? is it the opening alone? Is the barrel thicker toward the ship?

I just have no idea.


Tim said...

16 inches refers to the diameter of the projectile.

Other facts:

Weight of armor piercing projectile: 2700 pounds
(shells used to penetrate another ship's armor or reinforced fortifications on shore)

Weight of high capacity projectile: 1900 pounds
(shells used primarily for bombardment of islands and other land targets)

Weight of powder charge (six bags): 540 pounds

Effective range at 45 degrees
armor piercing projectiles: 21 miles
high capacity projectiles: 23 miles
Initial velocity (speed of projectile as it leaves the gun)
armor piercing projectiles: 1,568 miles per hour
high capacity projectiles: 1,797 miles per hour
Rate of fire: 30 seconds per round per barrel

Gun bore diameter: 16 inches

Gun barrel length: 61 feet, 4 inches

Maximum number of projectiles carried aboard ship: 1188

Rounds fired during action in WWII: 2396

Gun crew per turret: 3 officers, 177 enlisted

Thanks for stopping by, Benning.

Joaquin said...

Wilmington is a nice town with a lot more to offer than the USS North Carolina.
I know that you were just passin-thru, but next time........stay awhile.

Tim said...

Thanks for stopping by Joaquin. I get down there at least twice a year. Yes, there is a lot to see and do there. I love Wrightsville Beach. Heironymous Seafood is probably my favorite place to eat there. I've been to the historical downtown and think that it is great. I was very busy on this trip, but just had to snap a couple of pics of that mighty ship! I usually try to get up there from MYR, do my work, and then head back down there to get on back to the D after a quick run on the beach and a dinner at Landry's seafood house. A great area of the country that I would love to call home. Keep looking here and you can see tons of my travels. The USA truly is Tim's playground!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

That is a lot 'o' firepower!!

How are you Tim?
I hope well. :)