Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Batcave

I snapped these pics in the lobby of the Cleveland Clinic. This is exactly how I remember the show when I watched it as a kid in after school reruns. Comics fans enjoy.

If you click on the blueprint, you can see minute deatils of the blueprint.


Joe the Troll said...

Wow, that guy's meticulous.

Did you every try to get any of the scans I told you about? I'm really enjoying reading the old Marvels from month to month, all in order. I'm especially digging the old Avengers, Sgt. Fury, and believe it or not, Captain America! That Kirby stuff was magnificent.

Tim said...

You know I have not, Joe. Maybe I should do that while I'm bored on the road and stay out of the bar!

shoprat said...

It's amazing what some people do. I have seen similar maps of the Addam's Family house, Collinwood, and a couple of others. They are always interesting.