Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Devil Man

Yes, it is true. I am the Devil. Find out what Tarot card you are.


This borrowed from Mark at Knockin' on the golden door. See Link to the right.


Mark said...

The Devil??? Hmm.

Hey, Andie wants to kick your ass! And if you knew her, you'd know she could.


shoprat said...

You are The Emperor
Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person.

The Emperor is the great authority figure of the Tarot, so it represents fathers, father-figures and employers. There is a lot of aggression and violence too.

I don't know about that.

Tim said...

Sr- you and Mark are both emperors! Perhap you must face off! For in the end, there can be only one. (Highlander).

Machinistscott said...

Could it be..........SATAN!

I too am a pitchfork welding hell spawn.

O' Tim said...

"You are The Hermit - Prudence, Caution, Deliberation. The Hermit points to all things hidden, such as knowledge and inspiration, hidden enemies. The illumination is from within, and retirement from participation in current events."

Wow. I'm not sure about that last part on retirement, but I do have a favorite cave.

Tim said...

Hey scott! Fix your blog, no one can comment...

Anonymous said...
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