Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nub's Nob, Harbor Springs, MI

Skiing is winding down (wah!) but me and friend Tom Danis loaded up the van and drove to Nub's Nob last weekend to take advantage of some spring skiing. It's great to ski in spring. Temps in the 40's and bright sunshine. I even got a little sunburned!

Two of Nun's black diamond runs, Scarface (left) and the Chute. The moguls far right are Twilight zone.

Little Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan, from the summit...

Two ol' mangy coyotes trying to look cool...

A great place to ski, maybe the best skiing in the mitten. No trailmap this time, because Nub's really needs a better one.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Holiday Valley, Ellicottville, NY

Derek and I went to Holiday Valley to do some skiing a few weeks ago and we enjoyed it very much. although not as challenging as Bristol Mountain, the place was excellent as far as grooming, the lodge, and general quality of the experience. My son the skiing superhero. We actually do sort of look like Batman and Robin when we are festooned in all of our skiing regalia. Skiing is sort of like being a superhero! You get to dress in cool clothes in bright colors and perform superhuman feats of speed and even get to fly if you are brave enough. "To infinity... and beyond! "
This is the top of "Mardi Gras" the longest run at over one mile. A combo green/blue run...

This is the view from the lodge.

Getting on towards sunset, I took this photo from the top of the bowl on the left of the trailmap...

Holiday Valley trailmap.