Saturday, March 29, 2008


This winter I took up skiing and have been having the time of my life! I just wish that I had tried this 10 years ago. I've gone about fifteen times this year and am definitely hooked! I started out at the local ski hill 5 miles from home and have worked my way up to Crystal Mountain in northern Michigan.
I'm already planning a trip to Killington Vermont for next winter and am actually sad that it has stopped snowing and ski season is over. Obviously Michigan is no Colorado, but there are many resorts Up North and I encourage anyone who is physically active to get off the couch and get out there! Here are some photos:

Riding the chairlift up to the top of "Buck" one of the Black diamond runs. It's pretty steep so you need to either be very technical and make sharp turns to slow your speed, or go fast and not die. Guess which way I ski.

This is the top of "Loki" the trickster of Norse Mythology. As you can see, it's pretty steep.

Loki's brother, "Thor" is on the other side of the chairlift and is even steeper. Now I know how it feels to cross the rainbow bridge to Asgard!

Here is the view from the parking lot. Thor is on the right, Loki on the left.

This is the half pipe. It's pretty steep and is sort of like a bobsled run. You get going really fast and can ski on the sides or jump up in the air and do flips. You can also ski on the edge and then jump in getting some tremendous air.

This is "Main Street" an easy run that goes down the middle of the hill. I like the runs that go through the woods because they have lots of turns, and if you are really crazy you can weave in and out of the trees and make your own trail.
Here is the front of the mountain. The village is very nice. It's laid out so that you can ski to anything. Restaurants, and your room.
This is the back of the mountain. Lots of blue runs through the woods. Very relaxing...

Full PDF of Trail map

Ski magazine rated this as the best resort in the Midwest. I have to say that it was top-notch as far as quality of lodging, dining, pro shop, and grooming of the runs. There may be higher vertical drops and more challenging runs further north, but this is a quality place. They also have golf and mountain biking in the summer.